Universal Fit Cotton Sliding Belts


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Made from cotton, no holes, just slides, so fits any size with perfect comfort!  

Available in two sizes, small width and wide width, to suit your preference.

  • Thin Belt Suitable Up To Size 16 (2XL), 15mm Wide & 108cm Long (Excluding Buckle)
  • Wide Belt Suitable Up to Size 20 (4XL), 19mm Wide & 120cm Long (Excluding Buckle)

The PERFECT addition to your new and old Number 9 Fashion Favourites!

Please note that these belts are designed for decoration and will slide loose if pulled at hard.  If you tuck in the loop at the rear, slip resistance will be increased. However they will never hold tight like a traditional belt with pins and holes. The thin belts also have more slip resistance than the wide ones when pulled at hard.